Sunday, February 1, 2009

Single Bypass

As we headed toward Sun City West Arizona to see June’s life long friends Guy and Georgia we thought we should all meet for lunch.

We met at the appointed restaurant and that was when it happened, the single bypass and flat liners.

The doctor and nurses were present and took care of my every need, including putting on my wristband, (which indicated my single bypass) bringing me a beer, to go with the single bypass and flat liners.


Did I mention the name of this restaurant?  Its called, "The Heart Attack Grille”.  The single bypass is a single patty hamburger and the flat liners are the fries.  The fries are cooked in lard and the hamburgers are delicious and so are the nurses.  You can order up to a quadruple bypass, which would be 2 pounds of meat.  The triple will earn you a ride to your car in a wheel chair, pushed by one of the skilled nurses.  If you weigh 350 pounds or more your meal is free. (We did see one of the patrons weigh in and get his meal.)

If you check the pictures you will see the Doctor checking one the nurses who was cooking, poor thing. (When I asked if I could take a picture that is how they posed. The doctor is actually the owner.)

Here is a link to the Heart Attack Grille:

Check out their picture page.


After our wonderful lunch we made our way to Guy and Georgia’s for the start of a wonderful time and some great margaritas.


Getting back to Marie and Vic’s on Saturday we rested up for a Super Bowl party at Mike and Helene’s (Marie and Vic’s friends).


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