Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Move

On our way back from Arizona, June and I made several trips to stores to stock up on food and a little beer. (WHAT?) Our last stop was in El Paso at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. June went to Wal-Mart and I went to Sam’s, both were next to each other.  You wouldn’t believe how much crap, I mean supplies, you can get in our truck.  We even had crap; I mean supplies, in the back seat.   (Also Know As June’s bed)

Yes we made it home, to Terlingua.


There is a piece of property on Terlingua Ranch that we have been looking at for about 3 years, with an RV park on it.  We talked about buying it as a group, giving it some serious thought last year.  Well this year it happened, Cat and Madam (Clayton and Trula Davis) bought it. Now our group has our own private campground, just for us, not open to the public.

The group moved to Cats’ Flat’s while we were in Arizona. Now it was time for us to move and settle in.  It’s amazing how we spread out when in one place for a period of time and how long it takes to pack up.  It’s not just picking up the rug and chairs.  It’s all the other crap, (Crap is my new favorite word) including the yard art. (June is editing this and says, “this is part of RV living…deal with it”, and we do. Anyway we made it out and have settled in.  At one time this campground was used as a staging area for tours into Mexico.  It is very small and is just right for our group.  The full hook-up sites had 30AMP service; which, have since been upgraded to 50AMP service by a local electrician.

It’s very, very quiet.  No cars passing through, driving too fast, no barking dogs, no kids walking through your site, no loud parties (other than us), no smoke blowing from your neighbors fire into your door, and much less dust, (although, today, we are having 35-45mph winds and the weather man says we may get gust of 60mph.)



2009 Girls Day Out

By June


The morning was planned; what could be better than coffee at the

Espresso...y poco mas. We do have culture in the Terlingua ghost town. Patti, Polly, Cece, Trula and June enjoy coffee, chatter (Now its John editing. Is Chatter girl talk?) and great atmosphere… outside during February.  We don’t miss Starbuck’s. **


Terlingua has a community garden where there is little rain, lots of critters (deer, javelina, coyotes, rabbits), bordered with fencing and summer temps reaching in the 120’s. Shannon is the local mind and energy behind this project. No chemicals please; you can come in and plant veggies of your choice, watering is shared by all. Compost and fresh brewed herbal tea are some of the local efforts. This tea is not for people, it’s fertilizer made from goat droppings. Amazingly there is no smell; Patti is sure. 


… Evening out


Taken from the Terlingua Moon newspaper:



to have local theater. The two-weekend run of The Ballad of the Sad Café saw 350 in the audience, 13 actors on the stage, and 37 locals "behind the scenes." That's about a third of our winter population! To all, a huge thanks from Last Minute Low Budget Productions.


Yes, to the theater we went, all five ladies and two wonderfully/brave men. Dressed in our clean everyday clothes we fit right in with most theater patrons. Shannon (our gardener and friend) was wearing a bare shoulder black formal gown, bolero and long black gloves. The play was professionally performed and enjoyed by all.


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