Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Terlingua

Yes we are still around and have made it to our winter home, Terlingua.

I’m going to skip ahead to our arrival here and try to get back to our adventures in Colorado later.

After visiting our Kids and Grandkids in Michigan we headed south. Making an overnight stop in Waldron, Michigan to visit June’s parents.

Leaving Waldron at 6:00AM, on the 17th of November, with a temperature of 23 we made our way down to Highway 80. (Yes I know, you people in the north don’t feel sorry for us, but you southern people can.)  Remember, were pulling our 36 foot home down the road and its getting cold inside.

Getting on I-80, we get into one of those, ‘Lake Effect’ snowstorms. No big deal, we’ll drive out of it. (I hope)  The farther we go the worse it gets. Now the roads are covered with snow and we are down to 35-40 MPH.  The CB radio is crackling with reports of vehicles in the ditch and wrecks. I keep hoping we will drive out of it.  Coming to one of those service centers we pull in so our fuel tank will be full.  (just in case) When June goes inside to pay she is warned about the further west we go, the worse it is going to get.  They also tell her about the wrecks up ahead.  (Oh Crap)

With just a few more miles to I-69, where we turn south, we press on.  Creeping off I-80 and onto I-69, I’m thinking we’ll drive out of it and we finally did, after about an hour.  But its still C-O-L-D, are you northern people feeling sorry for us yet?

 After a two-day ride we make it to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 Actually we are in Jenks, but no one knows where Jenks is except Mark and Rhonda.  (We met them in Colorado) You may find it hard to believe, but they are our best friends, in Jenks.

We had a wonderful time with Mark and Rhonda.  The girls shopped and the guys did a little fixing and guy stuff.

 From there it was off to Austin, Texas to visit Al and Judy. (our best friends in Austin) who also full time.  They live in a beautiful country club, I mean RV Park.  This place is great with a pool and jacuzzi.  

Al and Judy got a brand new dog, Buddy. Well I guess he is slightly used, but new to Al and Judy.  What a neat dog, who loves to play. In fact he loves to play a whole lot more than Al. (Al tires out before Buddy.)  What kind of dog is it, you ask ?  It’s a MSTPBMD.  (Medium sized tan pure bread mixed dog)

 With Thanksgiving looming on the calendar we moved to Marble Falls for another fantastic Thanksgiving with Roger and Sue.  Yes, our best friends in Marble Falls. June and Sue took a side trip to Arkansas taking Sue’s Mother back home.  They also managed a couple trips to Oklahoma casinos, and are not talking much about that.

 Once again we had to return to Back To Beef so June could defend her titles.  (In case you forgot, last year, she won first for dessert and first for Margarita)

While she didn’t win desserts she did come in first for Margaritas again this year. (Stop in for a sample.)

 Getting the itch to get to Terlingua, June and I headed  south making a stop in Kerrville, Texas to visit our best friend, in Kerrville, Buck.  Another friend we met in Colorado.  Finding our campground we backed in, leveled  up and unhooked.  June pushed the button to make our living room slide go out.  As it went out, there it was, that all to familiar loud clicking.  The sound of teeth in the gearbox snapping as the slide tried to go out.  (OH CRAP)  Some of you repeat readers may remember the same thing happened two years ago in Monahans, Texas!

Getting under the trailer, with my really big wrench, we managed to get the slide out by turning the drive shaft  with my really big wrench, manually as June pushed the slide out button.  Thank goodness for my really big wrench.

June pulled out the receipt from the last repair and it was two years ago, to the day that it broke.

I called the company and talked to Donna, in customer service. She felt real sorry for us, sending us a brand new heavy-duty gearbox including 2-day airfreight at no charge.  That just gave us more time to spend with our Best Friend, Buck in Kerrville.

June and I got the broken gearbox out and in a couple of days, the new gearbox in.


Finally it was time, time to head to Terlingua. We wanted to see if Santa could fly that far south.

 We made it to Big Bend Motor Inn & RV Park, site #55.

(In case you want to send us something like cash or gas cards our mailing is):

John & June Grimm

General Delivery

Terlingua, Texas 79852


Seems that there was a lot of rain in this part of the country while were gone and when you are in the desert a lot of rain can be a bad thing.  The washout pictures are what is remain of  the golf course in Lajitas.

 June and I started our morning walks and found a tarantula out for his walk, too.

 With Christmas approaching we attended the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Terlingua.  Complete with the town Choir.  Santa even made a visit.  The tree was a little small, but it looked bigger on a table.

 What to do on Christmas Eve?  How about a hike to an old bordello?  Off we go with Russ, Bertie, and Kevin.  This hike is up Long Draw (Yes, if  you remember that’s where Long Draw Pizza got its name) a two-mile or so hike brings us to the old bordello.  A look out back reveals two old cars, possible left behind by non-paying customers?  June declines any of my ideas for horseplay in one of the rooms.  (Go Figure!) 

Nothing to do now, but eat a healthy lunch of sardines, in Louisiana Hot Sauce.  June passes on that, too!


Ah, Christmas Day, we cooked a turkey on the Park’s smoker.  While cooking we met our New Best Friends at Big Bend Motor Inn, Chris and Kim, from New York.  Without much convincing Chris and Kim joined us for Christmas dinner.  They were going to go to the Star Light for Christmas dinner.  I think our table was much more inviting.

The Christmas cheer flowed into a very “spirited” night.  Which lead to a day after of rest.


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