Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Special (Finally)

We couldn’t leave Pensacola behind without a visit to Brews Brothers, with 40 beers on tap. This was a nice treat for the beer lover in me.
It was time to leave Larry and Polly heading west to Roger and Sue Mears, in Marble Falls, Texas, for Thanksgiving. But we had to stop in Sulfur, Louisiana (Nice name for a town, eh.) for a visit to Wayne and Lane’s (featured on the Travel Channel) for the best Shrimp Po-Boy sandwich ever. If you don’t know what a Po-Boy is, it’s basically a submarine sandwich, made with shrimp, catfish, or crawfish. Everyone has a variation on how they make them, Wayne and Lane’s being our favorite. And, No, they won’t give up the recipe, June asked.
The next day we made it to Roger and Sue’s and parked across the street in Gene and InaMaye’s vacant lot, plugging into their electric and water. Gene and InaMaye are a wonderful couple and as “Country as Grits”. (They call their vacant lot, “The Yankee Campground”)
Roger smoked a turkey on his smoker (which was fantastic) and we had a wonderful meal with Roger and Sue’s family.
After Thanksgiving the girls goofed off, taking Sue’s mother (Granny) back to Arkansas then going to Oklahoma to the casino. The boys went to the Mears cabin for some serious goofing off.
The weekend was upon us and it was time to pack up and move to Cedar Lodge campground, in Buchanan Dam, Texas ( for the ”Back to Beef” Cook Off. This year was a fundraiser for the local animal rescue. The serious competitors were hauling in their smokers or pits on trailers. (Texans take their cooking seriously).
Our little Yankee, June, decided to enter the Margarita and dessert competition. Yes she did win 1st in both, winning cash and trophies.
Roger got 1st for brisket and wild game and his nephew got first in beans (pinto).
All in all it was great, ending the weekend with Cowboy Church…yup pretty much a couple of our favorite “good looking” (The ones June loves to hug) hill country song writer and musicians entertaining us with all the best on Sunday morning.

From Cedar Lodge June and I headed to Brackettville, Texas to see the Alamo. Not the real one, that’s in San Antonio, this is the one ya’ll are more familiar with. This Alamo is where John Wayne made the movie in 1959. A number of movies and music videos have been made in this Alamo Village.
The campground we stayed at in Brackettville is located in Old Fort Clark ( where we met Malcolm and Betsy, from England. They have an interesting way of seeing the U.S. They purchased a motor home and car, to tow behind it, here in the U.S. They spend 6 months here, head back to England for 6 months, leaving the motor home and car behind. On one of our hikes, with Malcolm and Betsy, June found our Christmas tree (the one we sent out in our Christmas greeting) there it was in all its glory, lying there beside the road, in someone’s trash, (now why would anyone throw away a perfectly good RDRTT tree). It was the dead dried up upper portion of the century plant flower stem. ( June picked it up, carried it back to camp and we managed to get it into the RV to take to Terlingua. We thoroughly enjoyed Malcolm and Betsy’s company, though they were a bad influence, forcing us (we have never done that) to have happy hour. (But we survived)
Leaving Brackettville and our new friends we headed to our second home, Terlingua, Texas.

Arriving in Terlingua, we were the first of RDRTT (Redneck Desert Rat Trailer Trash) to get in. June and I set up, saying hello to friends Bruce and Janet, who work camp in the campground where we stay.
It was time to work on all those little jobs we saved for Terlingua. Like washing and waxing the trailer, painting our steps, putting new caulk on the roof where needed, etc.
Larry and Polly arrived a week later and the beginning of another great winter started.

Wanting to spend the Holidays with my family June and I left for Green Valley Arizona, leaving the trailer in Terlingua, arriving at my Mother and Earl’s for Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas with them, my sister, Marie and brother in law, Vic and their two kids Darcy and Aaron. (Marie and Vic live in Green Valley, too)
While sitting in the living room at my mother’s June and I heard a thud on the window and when we looked we found a hummingbird, knocked out on the chair outside. I went outside to see if I could help, as you can see in the pictures, he made a full recovery. He took off and started to land on my head, then another hummingbird flew in to challenge for the territory and they both were off.