Saturday, November 10, 2007

Habitat for Fluharty

Yes, we survived Habitat for Fluharty.
The Fluhartys have been full timing in their RV for a number of years and its time for them to build a house for when they settle down. Not yet, just getting prepared a bit.
We arrived at Ray and Marilyn Fluharty’s (June and I met Ray and Marilyn in Big Bend) in Blairsville, Georgia on Friday.
They had the basement in and decked.
We pulled in the gravel driveway, down a hill and managed to get backed in next to Ray and Marilyn’s trailer. Ray hooked us up with 30 amps of power and water. Noticing that, due to the hill, our steps were quite a way off the ground, Ray made us a deck to make stepping in easier.
I was ready to work but Ray wasn’t having any part of it telling us Friday was a day of rest.
Saturday all 4 of us were up and got to work, building walls. Now we were anxious to get the walls up and didn’t notice that we had 12 foot 2 X 6’s and 9 foot 2X6’s. You’re supposed to use the 12 footers for the base and top of the walls and the 9 footers for the upright portion of the wall, NOT the 12 footers. Once we got that figured out the walls began to go up, framing in windows and doors.
Come Sunday, seems that the girls had other things to do and left the Guys to do the work. Between the two days we got about 2/3’s of the outer walls up.
Monday we had reinforcements, with Ray & Marilyn’s son, Craig, brother Marv and brother in law Ken.
By Tuesday we had all the outside walls up and about half of the inside walls up.
The only injury was Ray. Seems that he thought it would be a good idea to stumble on the ladder with a board in his hand. After a nice little tuck and roll he found the floor, cutting his finger. Marilyn patched him up and he was good to go.
We had a great time helping out but, Wednesday was time for us to move on. Things got a little tricky getting out. Once we were hooked up I had to move back down the hill so I could back around some trees to get back out to the road. Nope, the truck was not going to push the trailer up that hill. I put a strap around the spring shackle on the trailer and the other end on the hitch of Ray’s truck, between the two of us we got the rig up the hill far enough so I could wiggle around enough to get backed out to the narrow road, facing the wrong way. I didn’t want to go down that road to get out the back way (Yes June was nervous, but more was to come) the road is very narrow (9-10 feet) with a ditch on one side. The best way out was to back out (150-200 yards), but this was up hill, too. You got it, the truck would only go so far then the tires began to spin. (CRAP!) OK, I’ll make a second try, just a little faster. This is a little rough and we don’t want to bounce the trailer too, much. Nope, not fast enough. (DOUBLE CRAP!) Time to go for it, I pulled back down to get a good run at it and hit the gas. Going about 10-15 MPH in reverse, pushing our 36-foot, 16,000 lb house up a hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . up . . . . . . . . . .. Up . . . . . . .. . over the crest of the hill and out onto the paved road, SAFE!

Thank you, Ray and Marilyn for a great time!

Now it was on to Pensacola to meet Larry and Polly.


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