Sunday, February 25, 2007

We’re Back!

You all have probably been wondering why there have not been any updates. The truth is, we have just been settling in and letting the reality of being homeless sink in. I have selected a new shopping cart from Wal Mart. Being that we are newly homeless I figured we needed a new cart so we could break it in the way we want. Does anyone know how to contact public assistance? Don’t all homeless people get public assistance?
Anyway, all went well, except for the loss of our dog, Roxie. We did manage to see all of our kids. (They didn’t have a choice; it was forced labor to move us out. Well they didn’t mind too much, they love us. Besides they all got lots of goodies.) And, we have our 7th grandchild on the way, thanks to Tony and Nichole.
The trip back south was C-O-L-D, just how cold was it? Look at the slide show and you will see.
When we pulled into the RV Park our friends were waiting outside for us. I think it was just to get a reaction from the decorations on our trailer. (Once again look at the slide show) Everyone down here knows that I hate Coors beer and just look at what they did! (I don’t like Coors because it’s like making love in a canoe. &*%$#!@ near water!)
The night we got back Roger and Sue’s friend Thomas Michael Riley pulled his RV into the park as he was playing a gig at a local place called the High Sierra. And of course we were not about to miss a party. Check out his web site: Thomas is a very well known Texas hill country/Nashville singer/songwriter and we sure enjoyed his music.
Anyway I threw in a few pictures of the boring sunsets, just for fun.
The weather has been great, with temperatures in the 70’s to 80’s. We did have a sudden windstorm come through. As you may remember, you don’t leave your awnings out if you are not babysitting it, and low and behold some people in the park did leave them out when not home. Oops, we chased a few, trying to get them down, one was too late and was already on the roof of the motor home, another we tied down as it was an automatic one and we could not get it up. We tied it to a picnic table, decided that was not good enough as the awing picked the table up off the ground. So, we moved a truck in to tie the awing to the hitch.
We have been hiking a little but nothing great to report.
Roger, Ray, Gary, and John paid a visit to the Porch to have a beer and look at the view of the Chisos Mountains, this is something we do periodically. It would appear that the Redneck Desert Rat Trailer Trash has sunk to a new low. Yes, while sitting on the Porch we were mistaken for locals, tourists were actually taking our pictures, and asking if we were locals. Not just once, but twice. (Maybe its time to move on?)
On another note the internet satellite dish has been acting up and I could not get it on line. After 3 days of trying different things it was time to pack it up and ship it out for testing. But thanks to Polly and Larry, who have the same system we do, we still have internet

Now that we have been keeping you’ all informed of what we have you been up to, what have you been doing?


Darcy said...

Hating Coors?
I'm proud to claim you as an uncle!

April 14, 2007 8:26 AM  

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