Monday, January 29, 2007

Coming out of the cold

It’s been a while since we have posted. The weather has been cold, highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s so we have been hibernating inside.
The recreation room has become our oasis from the cold. To keep ourselves entertained we have had a number of indoor bocce ball tournaments on an official court made of carpet, 60 feet by 12 feet. (You can see for yourself in the pictures to the right) For those of you not familiar with bocce ball, a small white ball, the jack is thrown out onto the court, then you take turns throwing out colored balls, the closest one to the jack gets the points.
We also had a movie night in the recreation room. What movie would a bunch of people in RVs watch? Well RV, of course! After the movie with silly singing (John did not sing, THANK GOD!) and dancing around, Patti managed to break her right leg, OUCH! (although she didn’t think she broke it at that time.) Being late we managed to get Patti back in her trailer for the night. (The hospital is in Alpine, 80 miles away) The next morning John and June made the trip to the hospital with teammates Gary and Patti. After Patti was all patched up, in a cast, we had to stop for supplies at the grocery store and head back for pizza at Long Draw Pizza, with Ruster singing for us. That Patti is a real trooper and no way was she missing out on the fun at the Long Draw! (Russ is the guy who wrote, with our help, and sings our song Redneck Desert Rat Trailer Trash NOW ON CD to be purchased). First its back to the RV (house) Gary, being the good husband, wanting to back his truck in, just right, to make it easy for Patti to get in and out. It seems he had a little trouble, missed the driveway and hit a water faucet, breaking it off and flooding the area. (Wait till he gets the bill for that one!)
We did manage to get in a barn dance, on one of the warmer nights, with a local band playing for us. A good time was had by all!
After several days of not going anywhere it was time for a road trip up into the Basin for lunch. The Basin is a low area up in the Chisos Mountain range and is surrounded by mountains. At the Basin is a camp store, a hotel, a Ranger Bob station, and a restaurant. The trip to the basin was uneventful until we started the drive up the Basin road into the clouds. The temperature was 29 degrees (41 back at camp) and the fog was freezing on all the plants and trees. This frosting is called hoarfrost. As long as there is fog and freezing temperatures the frost continues to build, weighing the plants down like ice would, only it has that frosty look to it. (Here is a web cam, located in the Basin, if you would like to take a look: )

With things drying out and temps in the 60s it was time for a hike. We all loaded up and headed into the park to Swirl waterhole. This rock formation is a water fall, when there is water enough to flow and is an old Indian camp. On the walk in we found a number of pieces of chert, rock consisting essentially of microcrystalline quartz. Chert was used by the Indians to make arrow heads. This rock can be broken or chipped like glass and formed into arrowheads. The pieces we found are chips from this process. We also found a number of fossil oyster shells. (This whole area was an ocean during two different periods.)
What to do after a hike with a big appetite? A fish fry, of course, with fresh walleye caught in Wisconsin by another friend Larry and his wife Dawn. With Roger and his brother, Troy doing the cooking. What a great meal!


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