Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cattail Falls

Arriving at Big Bend Motor Inn is like coming to our second home, after all it’s our fourth year and we just love it.
But there is work to do, we need to do the obvious, level up, make all the connections, and decorate!
Yes, June has a special tree to put up, plant her garden, and rake up the site.
The Internet satellite dish has to be set up, Direc TV connected, (Yes we are camping and roughing it) and the outdoor rug nailed down. (Yep, it gets windy here in the desert. The wind can come fast, hard, and out of nowhere. RV awnings are torn off on a regular basis)
We like to spend a day or two to settle in before we go off on adventures.
Some of our old friends, Larry, Polly and their two grandkids have been here for a while and decided to hike into Cattail Falls while we settled in.

Cattail Falls is one of the areas where the occasional rains drain down from the mountains. We have hiked back into the falls several times and only to see a wet rock cliff. The trail is an old one and is no longer marked on any park map. It is also an area where the Park Service collects drinking water for the park.

When Larry and Polly returned and told us that water was flowing over the falls, we got excited, and plans were made to hike out there the next morning.

The weather was a little different than when Larry and Polly went in, about 35 degrees cooler. But we all layered up and made the hike in, moving fast to keep warm. We actually heated up enough to shed a layer. As we rounded the bend, where the wash leading up to the falls is, we could hear and see the falls. It was really great to see water coming down over the falls.
Even with this water coming down it goes underground a short distance down the wash.
It is worth noting that during very heavy rains a lot more water flows down, as was evidenced by trees piled up on big rocks, in the wash down from where it goes underground.
The walk out was cool as the wind had picked up and it was sure nice to see the truck.
Once we got back June made some hot chocolate for us to warm up, with a splash of Baileys.


Deb & Ron Achtenberg said...

Wow!! And we thought our summer was jam-packed! We only had two kids weddings, hosted two family reunions, moved two kids back to college (2nd & 3rd years) and spent countless hours on our 25' pontoon on Sanford Lake near Midland. So when we really retire (Deb's OCC 911 Academy + our 911 business that has spread to Colorado and Calif) and Ron retires in 2012....we hope to have at least half the fun you two are having....Hope to catch you sometime when you slow down long enough for a meal in Oakland County.
God Bless, Deb & Ron

August 28, 2007 9:12 PM  

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