Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Repair, or Proper Use of a Hammer

When we got back to camp the parts had arrived.
I had already cleaned the gear box housing of all the broken teeth and metal shavings. The gears were held in place with pins that had to be driven out with a punch and hammer.
The reassemble process began with installing the smaller gear, driving the new pin in, which holds it in place on the shaft. Now for the larger gear. This pin was a little stubborn, using a punch and a hammer it was taking a lot to get the pin into place. I needed a bigger hammer as I was swinging it very hard.
Then it happened, I missed the punch. No I didn’t ruin any pieces with the hammer, my hand stopped the hammer. No blood was drawn and I continued on with the process of hitting the punch, slowly driving the pin in.
Being very careful not to damage the new gear or housing and wanting to do everything just right…….I missed again, yep, my hand stopped the hammer again, saving the parts. This time I hit my hand properly, drawing blood, the wound perfectly shaped like the hammer head! &%$*#@
Not wanting to do that again, I wrapped my hand in a towel and got the pin the rest of the way in.

Now I had to reinstall the gear box to the motor and put the unit back into the trailer.

This is done from the bottom of the trailer, through an access hole, made for a midget.
Anyway, with all parts in place, tight, and no parts left over it was time for a test…...
I had June push the button… may not believe it, but it worked perfectly. This time when the motor ran the slide out moved in.
We were ready to head out in the morning. It only took 1 ½ hours to put it back together, including swear time. I did have to make a change in my habits. In order to twist off a beer cap I use my good hand. The other is still tender.


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