Sunday, December 24, 2006

Monahan’s Sand Dunes or The Big Bang

Our next stop was the sand dunes of Monahan, a State Park west of Odessa.

This is kind of out in the middle of no where.
As the living room slide went out there was a loud bang, just as it got all the way out. It was the sound of the teeth breaking, on the motor that runs the slide in and out!!!!!!!!!!

Not wanting to run the slide back in and be stuck with it in, and late in the day we left it alone.
The next morning we packed up and tried to get the slide to come in……………..
Nothing doing, it wasn’t moving! Just the sound of the motor running and nothing happening.
John climbed up on one of the dunes, to get a cell phone signal and called the office to see if they knew someone who could help. The office said, they would research it and send Ranger Bob out with the information. Looking at all the sand and deciding that we did not want to be broke down here, something had to be done. Marie and John pushed on the slide while June held the button in for the slide. Behold the slide moved in, it was working! Until, we got to the last 6 inches, where it stopped! Pushed as hard as we could, but it was not moving. Traveling like this was not a good idea. Ranger Bob showed up and three of us pushed on the slide, still nothing. Now what? Luckily Ranger Bob had a LARGE crescent wrench in his truck. Ranger Bob and John crawled under the trailer and used it to turn the shaft by the slide out motor and success!

Moving on, for those of you who have been following our travels the last four winters you may recall us being broke down in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with our Coachman trailer for a week.
Suffering in a bad campground, up on a large hill, looking down on the city, with the mountains in the background and really bad sunsets on the mountains. Great Mexican restaurants, and shopping for the girls. I could be in trouble........


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