Sunday, December 24, 2006

Las Cruces

Well, you guessed it, we were off to Las Cruces, making it there with out a hitch.
When we got checked in and backed into this really poor site, with unobstructed view of the City and Organ Mountains, 50 amp service, and gazebo with Christmas lights right next to us.
Now, don’t you feel sorry for us?
I suppose you were wondering if the slide out came back out?
Seems as though the crescent wrench that John has, wasn’t big enough to turn that shaft, being only 10 inches long. Now what?
After a short walk to the neighbors, John returned with a 20 inch wrench. (It’s pretty sad when the neighbors is bigger than John’s, poor June.)
The bigger wrench worked, with some grunting on John’s part. (No swearing, just grunting)
On Monday John called the repairman who wanted us to research who makes the slide out unit. A call was made to the manufacturer and the problem described. John was told it was an easy fix and if there was any problems, just call them back. Cool, parts are on the way (over nighted ).
OK, can John get the unit out and apart? You bet’cha, in 2 ½ hours it was out and the stripped gears were in hand.


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