Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Move

On our way back from Arizona, June and I made several trips to stores to stock up on food and a little beer. (WHAT?) Our last stop was in El Paso at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. June went to Wal-Mart and I went to Sam’s, both were next to each other.  You wouldn’t believe how much crap, I mean supplies, you can get in our truck.  We even had crap; I mean supplies, in the back seat.   (Also Know As June’s bed)

Yes we made it home, to Terlingua.


There is a piece of property on Terlingua Ranch that we have been looking at for about 3 years, with an RV park on it.  We talked about buying it as a group, giving it some serious thought last year.  Well this year it happened, Cat and Madam (Clayton and Trula Davis) bought it. Now our group has our own private campground, just for us, not open to the public.

The group moved to Cats’ Flat’s while we were in Arizona. Now it was time for us to move and settle in.  It’s amazing how we spread out when in one place for a period of time and how long it takes to pack up.  It’s not just picking up the rug and chairs.  It’s all the other crap, (Crap is my new favorite word) including the yard art. (June is editing this and says, “this is part of RV living…deal with it”, and we do. Anyway we made it out and have settled in.  At one time this campground was used as a staging area for tours into Mexico.  It is very small and is just right for our group.  The full hook-up sites had 30AMP service; which, have since been upgraded to 50AMP service by a local electrician.

It’s very, very quiet.  No cars passing through, driving too fast, no barking dogs, no kids walking through your site, no loud parties (other than us), no smoke blowing from your neighbors fire into your door, and much less dust, (although, today, we are having 35-45mph winds and the weather man says we may get gust of 60mph.)



2009 Girls Day Out

By June


The morning was planned; what could be better than coffee at the

Espresso...y poco mas. We do have culture in the Terlingua ghost town. Patti, Polly, Cece, Trula and June enjoy coffee, chatter (Now its John editing. Is Chatter girl talk?) and great atmosphere… outside during February.  We don’t miss Starbuck’s. **


Terlingua has a community garden where there is little rain, lots of critters (deer, javelina, coyotes, rabbits), bordered with fencing and summer temps reaching in the 120’s. Shannon is the local mind and energy behind this project. No chemicals please; you can come in and plant veggies of your choice, watering is shared by all. Compost and fresh brewed herbal tea are some of the local efforts. This tea is not for people, it’s fertilizer made from goat droppings. Amazingly there is no smell; Patti is sure. 


… Evening out


Taken from the Terlingua Moon newspaper:



to have local theater. The two-weekend run of The Ballad of the Sad Café saw 350 in the audience, 13 actors on the stage, and 37 locals "behind the scenes." That's about a third of our winter population! To all, a huge thanks from Last Minute Low Budget Productions.


Yes, to the theater we went, all five ladies and two wonderfully/brave men. Dressed in our clean everyday clothes we fit right in with most theater patrons. Shannon (our gardener and friend) was wearing a bare shoulder black formal gown, bolero and long black gloves. The play was professionally performed and enjoyed by all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Single Bypass

As we headed toward Sun City West Arizona to see June’s life long friends Guy and Georgia we thought we should all meet for lunch.

We met at the appointed restaurant and that was when it happened, the single bypass and flat liners.

The doctor and nurses were present and took care of my every need, including putting on my wristband, (which indicated my single bypass) bringing me a beer, to go with the single bypass and flat liners.


Did I mention the name of this restaurant?  Its called, "The Heart Attack Grille”.  The single bypass is a single patty hamburger and the flat liners are the fries.  The fries are cooked in lard and the hamburgers are delicious and so are the nurses.  You can order up to a quadruple bypass, which would be 2 pounds of meat.  The triple will earn you a ride to your car in a wheel chair, pushed by one of the skilled nurses.  If you weigh 350 pounds or more your meal is free. (We did see one of the patrons weigh in and get his meal.)

If you check the pictures you will see the Doctor checking one the nurses who was cooking, poor thing. (When I asked if I could take a picture that is how they posed. The doctor is actually the owner.)

Here is a link to the Heart Attack Grille:

Check out their picture page.


After our wonderful lunch we made our way to Guy and Georgia’s for the start of a wonderful time and some great margaritas.


Getting back to Marie and Vic’s on Saturday we rested up for a Super Bowl party at Mike and Helene’s (Marie and Vic’s friends).

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vacation from Terlingua

Feeling the need to go to Green Valley, Arizona to visit Marie, Vic, (John’s sister and brother in law) Dorothy, and Earl (John’s parents); to celebrate Marie’s birthday.  (How old you ask? I can’t tell you. But she looks much younger than she is and I get a bottle of 2 Dog for not telling.)

So we leave our home (trailer) in Terlingua in the hands of our friends, heading out at 6:00AM. (Quit groaning at the time!)  We are dressed in shorts and t-shirts knowing its going to warm up, but its only 38 degrees now.  (IT WILL WARM UP)

Moving north, on 118, the sun comes up about 7:30AM, and its very cool, NO, ITS $@%& COLD, 21 DEGREES just north of Marfa!  I’m thinking, this truck better not stop, if it does I could freeze something off.

As we are driving along with the cold air and the warmth of the desert floor, mirages everywhere, I look and see cliffs where there really are no cliffs; shimmering in the distance.  As I look ahead, way out in front of me, the road appears to move and wiggle as I approach.  Occasionally, off to my side, about ¼ to ½ mile out, I see an object that is pacing me, which I think is some kind of reflection of our truck.  It kind of makes you think, we are in the area of Marfa where we have seen the lights of Marfa, what could this be?  (Click here for more on the lights: )


Now its time to take in a local Shop, out here, on our way to Green Valley, right next to Nowhere, yes its Prada, nothing for miles but this little shop.  Yes we took pictures, just for you.  Don’t ask why its there, because we don’t know, but you can see it for yourself.


As we made it to Green Valley the temperature was in the 70’s


Marie’s request, for her 29th birthday, is for John to cook his world famous pork ribs on the grille.  Friends gather at Marie and Vic’s (including our new best friends from New York, Kim and Chris; they were staying in a state park less than an hour away) and the party begins.  Ah, the smell of ribs being cooked, perfectly on the grille.  The homemade rib sauce simmering.  This is going to be GOOD.  Suddenly there is that bad feeling, Houston we have a problem!  Seems that the dripping grease from the ribs has caught FIRE.  Squirting with water isn’t working, turning off the burners isn’t working, and closing the lid on the grille isn’t working. OH CRAP, get the ribs off!  Finally the fire burns it self out and the ribs go back on.  The smaller ones look a little BURNED, oh well just dunk them in sauce and no one will notice. (I hope)

Lets just say, people that had meaty ribs were happy and gave out complements but those that picked those dinky ribs didn’t have anything to say, hmm?

Guess the folks that had the dinky ribs didn’t have enough to drink, or they don’t like charcoal. You decide.


What to do in Green Valley with sunny skies temps in the 70’s how about a car show…at the golf course?  Wonder how the golfers feel about that? …Like John would care! Check out the pictures.


John and his mother always plan a Mother and Son day and this year was no exception. A great Mexican lunch and a little sight seeing.

How about a visit to a Mission that has been in operation since 1692?  Yes that’s 1-6-9-2.  There are still services on Sundays and it seems to be in a constant state of restoration.  (No, the roof did not fall in when John walked in!  He did have his steel umbrella, just in case.)


The Jesuit missionary and explorer, Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, first visited Bac (Yes, Bac is the name of the town) in 1692.  Eight years later in 1700, Father Kino laid the foundations of the first church, some two miles north of the present site of the Mission.  He named it San Xavier in honor of his chosen patron, St. Francis Xavier, the illustrious Jesuit "Apostle of the Indies."

The Franciscan Fathers Juan Bautista Velderrain and Juan Bautista Llorenz built the present church from 1783 - 1797.  Little is known about the actual labor of the construction of the church, who was the architect, or who were the artisans, but many believe it was the Tohono O’Odham who fulfilled these roles. Why the one tower was never completed is still a mystery, but hopefully one day this question will be answered.

And that’s all I have to say about that. (This section may have been written by someone else.


June spent the day with Marie at a PEO luncheon and fashion show. PEO is a sisterhood organization to further the education of women nationally and internationally.  To know more see:

There were 29 tables of eight women, each table was set to a theme of the place setting, all I can say is it was elegant.  The luncheon was simple, healthy and luscious.  The 24 models were parading throughout; during the meal; we were provided a brochure describing the clothes, accessories, designer and costs.  All models were PEO ladies. The brochure also included a discount coupon for the store who did the fashion show. I did not go shopping, but the clothes and luncheon was a real treat and all for $20.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years

Let’s catch up on what’s been happening.

Our new best friends, Kim and Chris, have a trailer full of toys.  Motorcycles, bicycles, and two kayaks.  Deciding it was time to get the boats wet, they needed someone to drop them off upstream.  So we load them up and take them to Grassy Flats, where they can launch themselves into the Rio Grande.  Being new at kayaking they got their test shortly after launching with some rapids. We really couldn’t get a good view, due to brush, but there were a number of nervous comments coming from the river, including a little whining.

But not to fear, they made it through without getting wet.

We left Kim and Chris and headed back to camp.  Later, when they got back we found all went well until they went to get out of the river, where we left their truck.  Some how Kim managed to fall in?


New Years Eve brought friends and good food together.  How about some steaks on the grille with all the fixings.

Yes there were a few spirits on New Years, too.  And some of us made it past midnight.


After a recovery we decided to make a trip into Big Bend National Park to check the damage from flooding. 

Over the summer there were heavy rains, here as well as up stream.  The Mexican dams had too much water to hold so they opened the floodgates and said, “Here it comes.”

The water in the Rio Grande ran high for 30 days.  The best golf course in the area, at Lajitas was washed out, leaving only 4 holes to play.  (Boy, I lost a lot of sleep over that! NOT!)

Going into the Park we made our turn down Old Maverick Rd for the 13-mile trip.  Its gravel and really is 13 miles of bad road.  (

The hiking trail into Santa Elena Canyon was washed out and is closed.  (

Cotton Wood campground was half washed out, with repairs still underway.

Driving up, on pavement, to Castolon for the best ice cream in the park we made our way into the store walked over to the freezer and selected a one of the pre-packaged goodies. (not Baskin Robins…) (

It may not sound that good to you but after 13 miles on Old Maverick Rd it’s the only ice cream for 80 miles, and it was great!

We make our circle tour safely back to camp in time for …you guessed it …Happy Hour!


On January 4 we rounded everyone up for a trip into Ernst Tinaja, just because we love it so much, and Chris and Kim had never seen it.

Chris and Kim, still having toys in their camper that have not been used, wanting to use bicycles to make the trip from the pavement into Ernst Tinaja.

Giving Chris and Kim a head start we made our way to Old Ore Rd, 6 miles of rough rocky road (not ice cream, ROAD) which leads to Ernst Tinaja.  (Old Ore Rd makes Old Maverick Rd look like a freeway.)  Thanks to Larry and Polly we are in their 4-wheel drive truck.  Finding Chris and Kim’s truck parked and the bicycles gone we make our way down the road.  About a mile or two we see two people hiking down the road.  As we get closer we discover them to be Chris and Kim?  Where are the bicycles we ask?  Seems as though just after they started out one of those bike tires went flat. They stashed the bicycles in the bushes and began hiking in.  They gladly hopped in the back of the truck for the rest of the ride in.

We all looked over the fascinating rock formations, with water in the Tinaja.

Chris, Kim, and I walked up the canyon to what has always been the end of the trail due to a large rock blocking the way.  But Chris, being 6’5” was able to reach up, pull himself up, and get Kim and I up as well.  COOL!

I have been coming here for 6 years and have never been able to get past this point!  We walked up the canyon following its curves and turns enjoying the rock formations.

As with every hike we enjoyed our carried in lunches while relaxing and taking in the beauty of Big Bend.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Terlingua

Yes we are still around and have made it to our winter home, Terlingua.

I’m going to skip ahead to our arrival here and try to get back to our adventures in Colorado later.

After visiting our Kids and Grandkids in Michigan we headed south. Making an overnight stop in Waldron, Michigan to visit June’s parents.

Leaving Waldron at 6:00AM, on the 17th of November, with a temperature of 23 we made our way down to Highway 80. (Yes I know, you people in the north don’t feel sorry for us, but you southern people can.)  Remember, were pulling our 36 foot home down the road and its getting cold inside.

Getting on I-80, we get into one of those, ‘Lake Effect’ snowstorms. No big deal, we’ll drive out of it. (I hope)  The farther we go the worse it gets. Now the roads are covered with snow and we are down to 35-40 MPH.  The CB radio is crackling with reports of vehicles in the ditch and wrecks. I keep hoping we will drive out of it.  Coming to one of those service centers we pull in so our fuel tank will be full.  (just in case) When June goes inside to pay she is warned about the further west we go, the worse it is going to get.  They also tell her about the wrecks up ahead.  (Oh Crap)

With just a few more miles to I-69, where we turn south, we press on.  Creeping off I-80 and onto I-69, I’m thinking we’ll drive out of it and we finally did, after about an hour.  But its still C-O-L-D, are you northern people feeling sorry for us yet?

 After a two-day ride we make it to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 Actually we are in Jenks, but no one knows where Jenks is except Mark and Rhonda.  (We met them in Colorado) You may find it hard to believe, but they are our best friends, in Jenks.

We had a wonderful time with Mark and Rhonda.  The girls shopped and the guys did a little fixing and guy stuff.

 From there it was off to Austin, Texas to visit Al and Judy. (our best friends in Austin) who also full time.  They live in a beautiful country club, I mean RV Park.  This place is great with a pool and jacuzzi.  

Al and Judy got a brand new dog, Buddy. Well I guess he is slightly used, but new to Al and Judy.  What a neat dog, who loves to play. In fact he loves to play a whole lot more than Al. (Al tires out before Buddy.)  What kind of dog is it, you ask ?  It’s a MSTPBMD.  (Medium sized tan pure bread mixed dog)

 With Thanksgiving looming on the calendar we moved to Marble Falls for another fantastic Thanksgiving with Roger and Sue.  Yes, our best friends in Marble Falls. June and Sue took a side trip to Arkansas taking Sue’s Mother back home.  They also managed a couple trips to Oklahoma casinos, and are not talking much about that.

 Once again we had to return to Back To Beef so June could defend her titles.  (In case you forgot, last year, she won first for dessert and first for Margarita)

While she didn’t win desserts she did come in first for Margaritas again this year. (Stop in for a sample.)

 Getting the itch to get to Terlingua, June and I headed  south making a stop in Kerrville, Texas to visit our best friend, in Kerrville, Buck.  Another friend we met in Colorado.  Finding our campground we backed in, leveled  up and unhooked.  June pushed the button to make our living room slide go out.  As it went out, there it was, that all to familiar loud clicking.  The sound of teeth in the gearbox snapping as the slide tried to go out.  (OH CRAP)  Some of you repeat readers may remember the same thing happened two years ago in Monahans, Texas!

Getting under the trailer, with my really big wrench, we managed to get the slide out by turning the drive shaft  with my really big wrench, manually as June pushed the slide out button.  Thank goodness for my really big wrench.

June pulled out the receipt from the last repair and it was two years ago, to the day that it broke.

I called the company and talked to Donna, in customer service. She felt real sorry for us, sending us a brand new heavy-duty gearbox including 2-day airfreight at no charge.  That just gave us more time to spend with our Best Friend, Buck in Kerrville.

June and I got the broken gearbox out and in a couple of days, the new gearbox in.


Finally it was time, time to head to Terlingua. We wanted to see if Santa could fly that far south.

 We made it to Big Bend Motor Inn & RV Park, site #55.

(In case you want to send us something like cash or gas cards our mailing is):

John & June Grimm

General Delivery

Terlingua, Texas 79852


Seems that there was a lot of rain in this part of the country while were gone and when you are in the desert a lot of rain can be a bad thing.  The washout pictures are what is remain of  the golf course in Lajitas.

 June and I started our morning walks and found a tarantula out for his walk, too.

 With Christmas approaching we attended the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Terlingua.  Complete with the town Choir.  Santa even made a visit.  The tree was a little small, but it looked bigger on a table.

 What to do on Christmas Eve?  How about a hike to an old bordello?  Off we go with Russ, Bertie, and Kevin.  This hike is up Long Draw (Yes, if  you remember that’s where Long Draw Pizza got its name) a two-mile or so hike brings us to the old bordello.  A look out back reveals two old cars, possible left behind by non-paying customers?  June declines any of my ideas for horseplay in one of the rooms.  (Go Figure!) 

Nothing to do now, but eat a healthy lunch of sardines, in Louisiana Hot Sauce.  June passes on that, too!


Ah, Christmas Day, we cooked a turkey on the Park’s smoker.  While cooking we met our New Best Friends at Big Bend Motor Inn, Chris and Kim, from New York.  Without much convincing Chris and Kim joined us for Christmas dinner.  They were going to go to the Star Light for Christmas dinner.  I think our table was much more inviting.

The Christmas cheer flowed into a very “spirited” night.  Which lead to a day after of rest.


Remember to click on the picture above the weather to see our pictures.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Special (Finally)

We couldn’t leave Pensacola behind without a visit to Brews Brothers, with 40 beers on tap. This was a nice treat for the beer lover in me.
It was time to leave Larry and Polly heading west to Roger and Sue Mears, in Marble Falls, Texas, for Thanksgiving. But we had to stop in Sulfur, Louisiana (Nice name for a town, eh.) for a visit to Wayne and Lane’s (featured on the Travel Channel) for the best Shrimp Po-Boy sandwich ever. If you don’t know what a Po-Boy is, it’s basically a submarine sandwich, made with shrimp, catfish, or crawfish. Everyone has a variation on how they make them, Wayne and Lane’s being our favorite. And, No, they won’t give up the recipe, June asked.
The next day we made it to Roger and Sue’s and parked across the street in Gene and InaMaye’s vacant lot, plugging into their electric and water. Gene and InaMaye are a wonderful couple and as “Country as Grits”. (They call their vacant lot, “The Yankee Campground”)
Roger smoked a turkey on his smoker (which was fantastic) and we had a wonderful meal with Roger and Sue’s family.
After Thanksgiving the girls goofed off, taking Sue’s mother (Granny) back to Arkansas then going to Oklahoma to the casino. The boys went to the Mears cabin for some serious goofing off.
The weekend was upon us and it was time to pack up and move to Cedar Lodge campground, in Buchanan Dam, Texas ( for the ”Back to Beef” Cook Off. This year was a fundraiser for the local animal rescue. The serious competitors were hauling in their smokers or pits on trailers. (Texans take their cooking seriously).
Our little Yankee, June, decided to enter the Margarita and dessert competition. Yes she did win 1st in both, winning cash and trophies.
Roger got 1st for brisket and wild game and his nephew got first in beans (pinto).
All in all it was great, ending the weekend with Cowboy Church…yup pretty much a couple of our favorite “good looking” (The ones June loves to hug) hill country song writer and musicians entertaining us with all the best on Sunday morning.

From Cedar Lodge June and I headed to Brackettville, Texas to see the Alamo. Not the real one, that’s in San Antonio, this is the one ya’ll are more familiar with. This Alamo is where John Wayne made the movie in 1959. A number of movies and music videos have been made in this Alamo Village.
The campground we stayed at in Brackettville is located in Old Fort Clark ( where we met Malcolm and Betsy, from England. They have an interesting way of seeing the U.S. They purchased a motor home and car, to tow behind it, here in the U.S. They spend 6 months here, head back to England for 6 months, leaving the motor home and car behind. On one of our hikes, with Malcolm and Betsy, June found our Christmas tree (the one we sent out in our Christmas greeting) there it was in all its glory, lying there beside the road, in someone’s trash, (now why would anyone throw away a perfectly good RDRTT tree). It was the dead dried up upper portion of the century plant flower stem. ( June picked it up, carried it back to camp and we managed to get it into the RV to take to Terlingua. We thoroughly enjoyed Malcolm and Betsy’s company, though they were a bad influence, forcing us (we have never done that) to have happy hour. (But we survived)
Leaving Brackettville and our new friends we headed to our second home, Terlingua, Texas.

Arriving in Terlingua, we were the first of RDRTT (Redneck Desert Rat Trailer Trash) to get in. June and I set up, saying hello to friends Bruce and Janet, who work camp in the campground where we stay.
It was time to work on all those little jobs we saved for Terlingua. Like washing and waxing the trailer, painting our steps, putting new caulk on the roof where needed, etc.
Larry and Polly arrived a week later and the beginning of another great winter started.

Wanting to spend the Holidays with my family June and I left for Green Valley Arizona, leaving the trailer in Terlingua, arriving at my Mother and Earl’s for Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas with them, my sister, Marie and brother in law, Vic and their two kids Darcy and Aaron. (Marie and Vic live in Green Valley, too)
While sitting in the living room at my mother’s June and I heard a thud on the window and when we looked we found a hummingbird, knocked out on the chair outside. I went outside to see if I could help, as you can see in the pictures, he made a full recovery. He took off and started to land on my head, then another hummingbird flew in to challenge for the territory and they both were off.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Making it into Pensacola we found Larry and Polly Don at Drifters RV Park. (Also friends from Big Bend)
For those of you who do not know it, Pensacola is the home of the Blue Angels. And as luck would have it, Friday would start their Home Coming Air Show.
Wanting to see the show, Larry and Polly took us into the Naval Air Station, on Thursday, to an RV park where their friends, Dave and Sybil were staying. Larry and Polly secured us a pass to get into the park and permission from Dave and Sybil to park at their RV lot. (The RV Park is across the street from where the Air Show takes place)
Friday morning we were off, not too early, making it through security and to Dave and Sybil’s. Actually we were surprised to find the main gate wide open, with no one on duty ?? The only security was two cleaning women on golf carts with mops blocking the entrance to the RV Park. (must be some kind of undercover operation) Once they saw our pass on the dash they let us right in the park. I don’t think I’ll ever understand that one.
Anyway we got parked and took our chairs to a shade tree and staked out our turf for watching the show. Then we walked across the street and into the show to see the static displays and what else might be going on. There was a lot of the usual, big transports, helicopters, food vendors, and souvenirs. Things were getting started in the air with biplanes flying in formation doing different stunts. We watched skydivers coming down trailing smoke. Then the announcer said, “Next up is the Black Water Sky Diving Team”. Now I’m thinking it can’t be the same Black Water that’s shooting things up in Iraq. I mean that group is civilian, x-military and x-cops. But low and behold when the chutes opened there it was, the Black Water Bear Claw emblem on the chutes. Guess they need all the P.R. they can get. Actually they were quite good.
Not paying attention to everything the announcer was saying we missed something. But through the crowd I could see and hear something shooting fire on the runway.
It was Shock Wave. You ask, what’s that? It’s a Peterbuilt truck with not one, but THREE jet engines on the back. This thing is fast. Setting a speed record for a truck of 376 MPH. In order to keep the centrifugal force from tearing the tires apart they have to remove most of the tread, getting rid of a lot of tire weight. OK, being a truck driver I had to get a better look so we went over to where it was parked and talked to the crew. Seems that it was scheduled to run again at 1:10, cool, I could be on the fence and get a close look. There was one snag, they needed more fuel, 200 gallons and security wouldn’t let the fuel truck in for Shock Wave. (Hmm, the front gate is wide open with no one on duty, they must be trying to sneak it through the RV gate and those women with the golf carts and mops stopped them. I knew there was something special about them!) Anyway it looked like they were going to get the needed fuel at some point so we (I) decided to stay and see it. (Larry and Polly have been to this air show a number of times and like watching it from the lawn chairs and I don’t blame them. But I’m like a kid with a new toy and want to be right up front.) Polly and June walked back to the park a little while later, Larry, hearing the sound of a cold beer, walked back too. NOT me, I had to be right up front for the grand finally, The Blue Angels. I paid $5 for a bleacher seat and sat in the front row, yep along the fence. What a show!
Now that the show was over I had to find my way back to the RV Park and there they were, Larry, Polly, and June sitting in the lawn chairs, just making sure that I could find my way back.
We all packed up our chairs and moved in to the RV Park’s gazebo, joining Dave, Sybil, and the rest of their friends. Food had been put out and a couple of the parks residents were setting up to sing for us.

Lets review:
Air show, Free
Parking, Free
Dinner, Free
Entertainment, Free

Being retired is GREAT !

A BIG thank you to Larry and Polly!